Entek Lanka’s Contribution of a Wheelchair to a Diabetic Patient

Entek Lanka's Contribution of a Wheelchair to a Diabetic Patient

Entek Lanka’s thoughtful act of donating a wheelchair to a 62-year-old lady in Moratuwa, who lost her leg due to diabetes, embodies the essence of community support and compassion. Moratuwa, a vibrant city in Sri Lanka, has its share of challenges, and this gesture undoubtedly brings a ray of hope to this lady facing mobility limitations.

In a bustling town like Moratuwa, where accessibility might pose hurdles for individuals with physical impairments, the provision of a wheelchair holds profound significance. It not only addresses her immediate need for mobility but also signifies a commitment to inclusivity and support for differently-abled members of the community.

This act of kindness resonates deeply within the local community, serving as an exemplary model of how businesses can positively impact individuals’ lives. Entek Lanka’s CSR program, Athwela, shines brightly in Moratuwa, showcasing the company’s dedication to uplifting the lives of those in need within their immediate vicinity.

By focusing on community-specific initiatives, such as assisting a local resident in Moratuwa, Entek Lanka exemplifies a deep-rooted commitment to making a tangible difference where it matters most. This act doesn’t just provide a physical aid; it fosters a sense of belonging and solidarity within Moratuwa, strengthening the bonds that tie neighbors and communities together.

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